Taco Time Northwest

Taco Time Time Squad

Taco Time Northwest lets you order ahead using their app and skip the line. The problem? Customers didn’t know about it because – you guessed it – they were too busy waiting in line for tacos. So to inspire Taco Time fans to change their time-wasting ways, we enlisted the help of the most time-obsessed, taco-loving-est people we could find: the Taco Time Time Squad. A self-appointed, semi-official team of taco lovers out to create a world where waiting in line…is out of line.

We teased the existence of the Time Squad with a buddy cop-style video. Then we sent our fake Squad to a real Taco Time restaurant to surprise customers waiting in line. After all, who wouldn’t want to get pulled over in the drive-thru by a Segway-riding, hot-sauce-wielding taco lover?

The Squad handed out fake time-wasting citations that included a QR code to download the Order Ahead app and skip the line next time.

After the live event, we created social content, point-of-sale and even contextually aware Youtube pre-roll ads.

And we’re proud to say that the entire campaign was produced in-house by our content and production studio called Petting Zoo.

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