Rainier Beer

Rewild The Rainiers

Rainier Beer is famous for its weird, old ads featuring larger-than-life ‘wild Rainiers’ roaming the Pacific Northwest wilderness. But these days – much like the rest of us – the wild Rainiers have adopted a more urban lifestyle, with boring office jobs and gym memberships. So we started a movement to re-introduce the majestic wild Rainiers to their natural habitats. And along the way, we all might just benefit from a little wild in our lives as well. It’s time to Rewild the Rainiers.



To help launch their new light beer, Rainier Summit, we didn’t just announce it. We hatched it with an epic 5-day livestream featuring all manner of wild creatures and special guest stars.

And we’re proud to say that the entire campaign was produced in-house by our content and production studio called Petting Zoo.

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