Puget Sound Energy

The Likeable Utility.

The Situation

As the leading energy utility in Western Washington, PSE has been working to improve brand perceptions and earn higher customer satisfaction ratings across their business. This is no easy task, since most of us never think about the lights or the gas until there’s a problem. And at that point, well, it’s a problem. So we wanted to put a friendlier face on this well-intentioned monopoly in order to make their brand friendlier, more approachable and more human.

PSE Characters

The Insight

PSE is your advocate whether you know it or not.

PSE promotes everything from energy-efficient refrigerators and lightbulbs to various safety reminders. The content of these messages isn’t likely to change – but the way in which they are delivered makes all the difference.

The Outcome

Using stop-motion animation, we were able to talk about a wide range of pretty mundane topics in an entertaining and highly approachable way. We could also remind people that there’s more to what PSE does than meets the eye. All of which is helping to create major changes in the way people feel about the PSE brand.


Ad Awareness
Ad Recall
“Makes me feel better about PSE”

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