PEMCO Insurance

First Rule Of Insurance: Don’t Sell Insurance.

The Situation

As a regional insurance company, PEMCO is a true David among Goliaths. They compete with some of the largest and most sophisticated marketers in the world, trying to sell an expensive, undifferentiated and highly unlikeable product.

PEMCO Trading Cards

The Insight

In talking with consumers, we learned two things. First, people don’t like insurance. So if that’s all we talk about, we’ll be talking to ourselves. Second, people really love the Northwest and the people, places, and (sometimes) the brands that make this place so special. Our opportunity was to make PEMCO one of those beloved Northwest brands – in spite of their highly unlikeable category.

Relentless Recycler
PEMCO 50 Degrees Shirts Off Guy

The Outcome

People may not want to hear about insurance, but they love talking about the neighbors. Our Northwest Profiles campaign (now in its 7th year) allows our audience to poke fun at themselves, and confirms their belief that people here are, well, a little different. And it has made PEMCO a true local favorite.


01 Whiskers of Wonder :60
02 Microbrew Man :60


intent to shop PEMCO
> 40%
growth in unaided brand awareness
+ 25%
policy sales (year over year)

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