Group Health

You Never Know.

The Situation

Group Health Cooperative is a different kind of health care organization, one that brings health care coverage and health care providers together under the same roof. While a boldly progressive idea, it is often misunderstood. A key misperception was about access to specialists: If you ever had a serious health issue, would Group Health offer the kind of care you needed? Our job was to assure audiences that yes, it would.

Group Health Fertility to Sleep Therapy

The Insight

The foundational proposition behind any kind of insurance is that, well, the unexpected has a way of happening. By tapping into this underlying truth, we put Group Health’s specialty care into an appropriate and meaningful context: We offer this stuff because you never know what life is going to throw at you.

The Outcome

Our campaign for Group Health focuses on real-life situations that have real-life health implications. And of course, Group Health is ready with the people, the services and the technologies required to meet each one. This simple problem/solution structure communicates our proposition clearly. It also allows for subtle humor while distancing Group Health from stereotypical images of caring doctors and nurses often shown in the category.


01 Wedding Planner :60
02 Trust Fall :60


non-member consideration
people who see Group Health as "for someone like me"
people who think Group Health “educated me on all my care options”

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