Golden 1

Stronger Together.

The Situation

Headquartered in Sacramento and originally chartered to serve public employees, Golden 1 is California's largest credit union. To achieve their ambitious growth goals, Golden 1 would need to broaden their footprint as well as its appeal. They needed to explain why membership in a credit union beats customership at a bank.

Golden 1 OOH Stronger Together

The Insight

Credit unions are not typically seen as viable alternatives to a bank. We assume they’re too small, too unsophisticated, and lacking many of the services we expect. However, research has shown that when people understand the cooperative, not-for-profit structure of a credit union – and when that message is presented in an appropriately sophisticated way – they become far more likely to join.

Golden 1 Banking on Each Other Golden 1 We've Got Your Back. And Your Loan.

The Outcome

Our upbeat, stylish campaign knocks some of the dust off the Golden 1 brand and makes it an attractive alternative to banking as usual. The tagline “Stronger Together” helps unify our messaging and summarizes the progressive, cooperative nature of what Golden 1 has to offer.


01 Mortgage :30
02 Credit Card :30


brand awareness
+ 100,000
new members
+ 18pt
brand consideration

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