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The Situation

Published by American Express, Executive Travel was conceived as a way to build relationships with Amex's most highly valued customers: the C-level corporate cardholders who travel and spend more than almost any other segment. We worked directly with the publisher on the concept, execution and production of the magazine from day one.

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The Insight

Most publications in this space view frequent travelers as corporate foot soldiers being sent on one errand after another. But spending data from American Express helped us see another kind of traveler: the ones who control or influence more purchase decisions, who occupy more senior management positions, who spend more than several other segments combined, and who value travel as part of their uniquely mobile lifestyle.

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The Outcome

For these C-level executives, Executive Travel became a trusted travel companion. In addition to the typical destination information, we also covered style, design, food, management issues and more – all with the tasteful, well-traveled eye you’d expect from Amex Publishing. As a result, Executive Travel was the most successful new product launch in the division’s history.

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