Clinton Global Initiative

When The President Calls, You Should Probably Answer.

The Situation

The Clinton Global Initiative partners with corporations, governments and other entities to effect positive change on any number of fronts. The Economist was one such partner. They agreed to supply a series of spread placements in the magazine to help get the word out about CGI and to recognize the efforts of their donors. DNA agreed to supply the content.

The Insight

The Clinton Global Initiative works by soliciting commitments from various donor entities, and matching them with governments, NGOs or other organizations that can best help fulfill them. Since these commitments are the very backbone of the Clinton Global Initiative, it made sense that they should serve as the foundation of this campaign.

The Outcome

Each ad in the series offers a mini case study in change. The original commitment is shown front and center. Supporting copy talks about the results achieved, and invites the reader to get involved.

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