Director of Finance

Troy Griffith

Troy Griffith brings over 20 years of financial and accounting experience to DNA. His experience includes both public and private enterprises including managing accounting operations for both international and domestic subsidiaries. Prior to DNA, Troy engaged clients through his accounting consulting practice, assisting clients with a variety of needs from financial reporting to developing and testing accounting procedures and controls.

Troy spent over half of his career working for Sun Gro Horticulture, a US and Canadian company with headquarters in Bellevue WA. In his most recent position as Controller at Sun Gro, he oversaw all of Finance and Accounting, reporting directly to the CEO. During his career at Sun Gro, Troy gained valuable experience in multiple areas including acquisitions, valuations, transfer pricing, corporate taxes, foreign currency, and financial reporting. Prior to joining Sun Gro, Troy worked in the software industry as a Senior Accountant and in public accounting as an Auditor.