• Founder + CEO

    Alan Brown

  • Founder + Chairman

    Dan Gross

  • President + Chief Growth Officer

    Chris Witherspoon

  • Chief Strategy Officer

    Christine Wise

  • Executive Creative Director

    Steve Williams

  • Head of Creation and Content

    Gabe Hajiani

  • Director of Client Services

    Caroline Ballaine

  • Director of Communication Strategy & Media

    Summer Slater

  • Director of Project Management

    Erin Keeley

  • Director of Talent + Culture

    Char Short

  • Director of Finance

    Troy Griffith

  • Creative Director

    Noel Nickol

This is totally NOT an obligatory list of DNA’s capabilities for search engine optimization. I mean, why would you think that?  Still, if a search engine were to find this stuff and put us at the top of someone’s Google results, would that be so bad?

Take a stroll through our capabilities below and you’ll see we can seriously do a LOT of things. The real question is, what can we do for you?

- Brand Strategy
- Connections Strategy
- Data Strategy
- Research
- Social Data intelligence
- New Product Innovation
- Integrated Creative Campaigns
- Visual Design
- Experience Design
- Digital Assets
- Retail Environments & POS
- Traditional
- Digital
- Experiential
- Prototypes
- Content
- Media Strategy, Planning, & Buying
- Programmatic & Real-time Media
- Test & Learn
- Optimization
- Media Analytics
- Performance Marketing
- Social Media Strategy & Marketing