Art. Science. Truth. Luck.

Advertising is all about values. Because when an organization cares about what consumers care about, connections form and loyalty can grow.

At DNA, it’s our job to uncover these shared values. To be good at this, you need disciplined and insightful planning, plenty of raw creative talent, a willingness to be completely open and honest, and more often than not, the kind of good fortune that results from hard work and preparation.

In other words, you need art, science, truth and luck.

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Meet the Team

  • Lianne Onart

    Associate Creative Director
  • Molly Woodruff

    Director of Integrated Production
  • Kayla McLain

    Account Manager
  • Mike Quirk

    Studio Manager + Digital Imaging Specialist
  • Erin Jarrett

    Account Supervisor
  • Dave Echenoz

    Production Director + Integrated
  • Sean McGrath

    Video Content Editor
  • Beth Burns

    Account Supervisor
  • Matt Fong

    Project Manager
  • Shannon Stringer

    Senior Copywriter
  • Jake Bevis

    Media Supervisor
  • Sarah Nako

    Studio Designer
  • Max Jones

    Assistant Media Planner
  • John Wolf

    Senior IT Manager
  • Kristen Baker

    Account Supervisor
  • Becca Rubin

    Brand Strategist
  • Leah Gross

    Visual Designer
  • Rudy Willingham

    Senior Copywriter
  • David Matlock

    Art Director
  • Bobbi Ellison

    Receptionist + Office Administrator
  • Nicholas Utke

    Junior Copywriter
  • Hilary Groatman

    Media Planner
  • Alex McHugh

    Account Manager
  • Paul Teodorescu

    Senior Accountant
  • Evan Haynes

    Junior Art Director
  • Ash Fell

    Integrated Producer

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